Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three Years of Gear in the Rear

The time has come once more where I make bad titles out of one of the StarCraft Terran SCV's selection lines. It just works, and StarCraft's global presence is testament to that some things just stand the test of time and continue to work throughout the years. Somehow, I'm one of them.

Yes, it's that time again when I celebrate the day I officially set up and began publishing to the world. It's always a time when I'm reminiscent and thoughtful on the past to the point of being beside myself with more angst than any romance heroine could ever hope to be full of. It's just that time of the mon-year. Year. The turn of the year is often used to reflect on the past and move forward, so that comes doubly and weighs twice for me.

With that in mind, I've been thinking a lot over what to say this year. 2015 was not my best by a long shot, for a number of reasons, it's been a rough stint of ups and downs where the downs make it harder to get back up. This has probably been evident in how quiet I've been, there have been months of no new update and the like. Recently I've been busy with some private commission work that doesn't lend to a publication post, so it hasn't all been bad. Things have been picking up for some months in their own way, but before that, sure, it was rocky.

It's not something I've been happy with, but in the same hand it's not something I'm going to dwell on or let take up much more space than it effectively already has. Done is done, but I'm not out. I'm here. So rather than dwell and harp on that in a blog post for celebrating a milestone of time, I'm going to look more into and celebrate what has kept me going.

With that said, I could barely think of much to say at first and now it's gotten to the sort of length that I'm best off putting the rest behind a pagebreak. So to skip to the closing footnote, I've had a lot to be thankful for over this past year, and a lot to take with me moving forward. I'm going to do what I can and what I know to keep it moving, finish what I've started and start something I don't think anyone would expect.

It'll be an interesting year, and if you're with me for even a few days, thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to another three years of doubt and passion that wouldn't be traded for anything.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wight Snow I: Humanity

For the coastal city of Meirport, some days are the passing of business as usual, while others are the passing of an unholy contagion that warps the landscape into a decrepit playground of ghoulish lust and insatiable dominance. The eyes of powerful undead beings – an ethereal wight and cunning lich – have fallen on the city, and as their will seeps through the streets and creeps over the unknowing in a blanket of pure wight snow and fog, nothing will ever be the same. 

For those who have not yet fallen to their grasp, it’s time to run, hide, or face the haunting music that calls for their submission.

This is strange, I've gotten used to the synopsis area filling enough space for this to start beneath the image, though it feels like the thumbnail dimensions are different, too.

Well, now that that's out of the way, I can get on to enjoying the first release of 2016 with something a little new. I'd put off the feature for a few days due to some hitches putting me behind schedule, so I've been working to get back on top of that. While I'm not much for new years posts, I have taken the opportunity to reset and redesign my progress sheets into something more useful, starting over from the new year. So far it's working out, so here's to pulling into a better year, starting now.

Wight Snow stands predominantly an erotic take on the common concept of an undead pandemonium. What starts as normal and innocent days takes a quick turn with as many mysteries and questions left behind the fog as you'd come to expect from such a setting, but the symptoms and behaviorism are, as you would expect, much more erotic in nature - with a healthy amount of femdom and the paranormal thrown in for good measure. Ravenous sex ghouls are something I've wanted to play around with for some time. 

It works well as a standalone story, but also sets the groundwork for future volumes and even cross-reference through other stories. The players and fate of Meirport will continue to ripple outward through the world. In a similar way to the second volume of Daemonique swapped perspectives, this volume has given Humanity's perspective in such a way as that I considered not listing it as a volume but standalone prologue. Future volumes will swap to a different perspective, giving you a much more intimate look into the machinations of what could cause such a thing to befall the coastal city in a way that survival horror rarely narrates.

It began as an entry for a Halloween contest amongst some friends that helped me get back on my feet a bit, so I'm glad to finally be bringing it to the world at large. Thank you for your support, excerpt follows the break.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Announcing Free Reads!

With the festive season winding down and the dust starting to settle -- it's certainly starting to settle on my desk, I need to find time to move all the stuff off and clean up again -- it's time for an announcement to keep that festive spirit perked up and running into the new year.

It's something I've had in mind for some time, and with the coming of Christmas and the spirit of giving, this felt like the ideal time to go forward with it. With this being the first big initiation, there have been some kinks in the process, primarily surrounding Amazon, as the only way to have something marked as Free is for it to be price-matched through more accommodating storefronts, which seems to take an entirely indeterminate amount of time to maybe get fixed. Go figure.

That aside, yes, free! As of this festive holiday period and moving forward, the following titles will be listed as free to discover and enjoy for all readers.

In addition, those that already have novel formats in Daemonique - Darkfall and Goddess of Sands have had their prices reduced accordingly to facilitate the relative first volumes now being listed as free. The main exception to this is that price-matching Free publications with Amazon does not seem to follow through to other regional storefronts such as the .co.uk front, which is really weird and inconsistent but it wouldn't be the first thing. The novel format prices have been reduced across all Amazon storefronts regardless.

With that said, there are alternatives, as this has been made live on all available storefronts, as follows;

There will absolutely be more added in the future after this initial run, where the method in the madness is largely based around serial series that have multiple volumes out and in the case of Daemonique, Deity of the Desert and soon to be Huntsman, their novel binding versions released. The best way to stay abridged of future plans and publications will be through my newsletter and to join me on social media such as Twitter where I love to hear from and interact with people who enjoy what I do.

This first wave represents a broad range and span in time for my published works thus far, so if this is your first exposure or a chance to try out a new series' roots, I'm glad to have your interest and support with me.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid III: Stable Maid

Changes have come to Olvang Keep in Milenna's lustful absence amongst the guards. The hulking beasts of fur and fang are said to be more than appearance - capable of shifting to the forms of the Northland people, and rumour holds that Milenna has been given over to their newly discovered needs. Recovered from the garrisons below and cleaned up by the mysterious doppelganger responsible for aiding Milenna's journey down this path, that rumour may not remain false for very long.

Brought before the beasts in their high-barred Stable pens, the dark elf will feel something ancient and true tug at her desire, yet can the limber elf truly survive under such intimidating bestial power? In this final volume that brings closure to the story of the Lusty Dark Elven Maid, Milenna will be put to the test. From her courage and tenacity to simple desire, a new future may yet open for her elven kin and the Wolven shapeshifters alike with the penultimate destination in her journey.

That's right, another final volume that took longer than was expected! This one didn't strike quite the same emotion as Huntsman, but that's always been the charm of having these two series run in tandem - Huntsman is much more grounded, while this one has been much more freely erotic and about hitting the fetishes. In their final volumes, they have both converged a bit into the other's style, but it's worked out perfectly.

As per the usual disclaimer, you don't need to read one side of this series to enjoy the other, they have both been written from their respective perspectives with the intent of making as much sense as is necessary in that perspective alone, something I always do, but for an avid reader that enjoys one, the story does expand in a way through the other with this dual series.

Now that I'm finally getting around to tying up some of my lose ends, I can say it's certainly been an interesting experiment. Whether I run another dual-titled series like this in the future will remain to be seen. Alternatives like Darkfallen to the Daemonique series are nice in that they are more wholly disconnected than to be running a parallel, so there's somewhat more freedom in that.

So, with that all said, the point of convergence for the Lusty Dark Elven Maid is particularly interesting, as it focuses around the revelation that has shaken the Keep, and culmination of what has called to Milenna Nightwhisper's wanderlust in a similar way to that which called to Katalyne Olvang from the wilds. How the Dark Elf interacts with these 'new' shapeshifters in the Wolven speaks subtle volumes of the world's history, and gives a little glimpse at what may be the future for all of them, just as the conclusion to Huntsman saw change and progress for its people.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Huntsman III: King

All is quiet in Olvang Keep, yet the future of a kingdom may rest at the mercy of a vicious wilderness. The cards have long since been dealt, the actors all upon the stage, leaving the royal Huntsman with but a simple message. His beloved Princess has manipulated events from the very beginning to slip away into the wilds, and she fully expects him to hunt her down.

To discover what his Princess has heard whispered on the wind for so long and to finally understand his own bestial affinity to the wild, the Huntsman must leave Castle and Keep to chase a fading trail through the eternal night of the frigid Northlands, but he does not hunt alone. With companions that have seen him through thick and thin, the Huntsman rides to bear witness to the truths of Katalyne Olvang's path. What he makes of his Princess' cunning deception and the mysteries she has come to divine from the dark woods with her own hands in this final volume will be remembered as legends in time.

Let the hunt begin.

That must be the longest synopsis I've done for some time, but it's necessary. This is the third and final chapter of the Huntsman series, and I'm not going to be as emotional now as I was in its author note section where I share some personal thoughts and feelings. I've had time to come down, but suffice to say it's been an emotional thing to work through, more than I'd expected it to be. 

So often I looked at things and thought "okay, just a couple scenes left, done in no time" and the power everything was building to just weighed down on me and really made those seemingly short distances a lot harder to get through. It also made them longer than I thought they'd be, so I think the moral is my estimates should never be believed.

And that's fine. While I would have liked to get it out faster - something you'll never not want, like a sort of recurring sum wish - there's a lot of feeling in it and it's really one of the first big points in the history of my world I've been able to really close up and mold into its own sort of legend. It may not seem all that much right now but its existence is already played on in other works and I have a big long timeline of how and where everything matches up. 

Not to come across as daunting, you don't need to see that world to enjoy Huntsman, or the Lusty Maid to come soon. It's always about creating a story here and now, and Huntsman is no exception. With that said it's funny how I'm finding it a little hard to actually talk about the content of the book for want of not spoiling the big shift in things, but practically speaking you can get hints of that from "also browsed/bought" and tags on the various storefronts.

So without going too much into it, shift is the operative word. The wolves out there are not quite just the wolves out there, and stuff will happen! Shifting, shapeshifting, werewolf, beast, monster or just paranormal, it's gotten a lot of names over time, but you know what it means, and it's good.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Umbral Coil Chronicles III: Moonlit Night

In the mysterious undermountain village of Shejnal, oaths thought lost to time are practiced still. For her hand in fates of the dead men walking, the blood debt is handed down to the centaur charged with caring for what is believed to be the sole survivor of the two men to enter this dark realm.

Hidden away in the deepest reaches of the grand Shejnal Temple, the half-snake lamia divinity's lust for the man she has taken for her own is far from sated.

Yet as all ease into their new lives with those who now accompany them, this sheltered peace may not last for long...

I'd put off doing the author feature for this one a while for a number of reasons that led to forgetting about doing it entirely while instead working on the next project that should show up soon. This series began as what I intended to be an Amazon exclusive serial, as I've mentioned in previous posts, but all these ebook subscription services are quickly discovering that what works for music and movies with a much more finite market does not work for books in the modern day.

So essentially everything has, once again, been on fire, yo. How they handle this stupidly obvious hindsight has been funny in cases. Scribd, I think - it may be Oyster or some other cashgrab startup - just culled most of it's romance genre cause what? People are USING our service? SHUT IT DOWN!

Amazon took a more kind of snide and knowing approach, sugarcoated with bullshit that doesn't add up because they know people at large won't know or care for the difference. Short version is they've changed things to devalue "shorter" works, so rather than actively culling them, they just gave authors of shorter, often erotic works no incentive to stay, benevolently offering a get the fuck opt-out option when the change went live. 

Yes, I'm sure rewarding the authors that put up a 500,000 word book on a system that would horribly undercut the value was a good incentive too, and that's cool, I like that people are supposed to be rewarded appropriately, but it was sure as hell geared to disincentive shorter erotic and serial works so readers don't just think "Isn't Kindle Unlimited just for smut shorts?" cause hell, while sex money is big money, no one wants to be associated with it. They cut it without openly admitting it exists - hands clean again.

So anyway, the point is for this third installation of the Umbral Coil, it's gone global on all the usual storefronts. Dhampyre has also gone global, which I'll be returning to at some point soon. Dhampyre served as one of a few experiments that has since been shifted to the back burner to clear out all the stuff I have in the forefront, but I'm getting there. 

With that said, Umbral Coil will continue at the pace it has been for releases, the lack of its being a subscription experiment doesn't really change matters too much in the end. There may be things I can use Kindle Unlimited for in the future but for now that's a dead avenue. I want to keep the pace running as much because this series is really one of the groundworks for my world at large that all high fantasy stories are set in.

It's also been potentially a bit confusing with how I'm doing things from two separate perspectives after the men from the first book were separated and even renamed. Messing with identity is asking for trouble when it's one of your bigger narrative tools, but the trouble is meant to be reigned and focused inward as a part of the world. There's meant to be deceit and confusion, but not so much caused to the reader, so I always hope I can keep those lines clear.

So beyond that, and more importantly, in addition to its developments, this volume contains more wonderful violet night snake. Mmm, snek. There's some development into her divine lamia being, but behind the constricting force and power, there's a softer underside that really fills this volume with some gentler dominance, coddling the man she all but wrung the life out of back to health with - and I admit I had to look up the term - a tender nursing handjob scene. 

After all, breastfeeding is a fun extension for breast play and proved popular previously, so given his weakened state, it seemed fitting for Najae to mother him a bit this volume. I've always been one to work with progressive plots under lovely erotic scenes, and that melds back and forth in this volume perfectly to set up a big shift coming in the next volume that'll really get into what's been set up. That'll be coming soon, so thank you for reading and all the support that's made this series possible!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Darkfallen: Making Jacob

Far and away from the minds of the people, Sarandin Isle stands as host and home to countless demonic beings, locked away within its prison walls. Amongst them rests many of those foolish enough to venture onto the isle in search of wealth and fame, only to find darkness and corruption.

The fates of many amongst them may never be known, yet amongst the many are few whom catch the interest of their captors. Amongst them stands Jacob, a man once overwhelmed and taken by the whims of the powerful succubus Kynthia within those walls.

Now, Kynthia has returned with a new friend to show off her work to. As both enter Jacob’s cell, the already emasculated man will learn he has had only a taste of the succubus’ ability to warp and change the body. This time, Kynthia will do more than take him; she will make Jacob anew, and introduce him into a whole new world.

It's time for another visit to the expansive fetish hub of stories spun off from the prison island of Daemonique, and more so, a return to a no longer very familiar face in Jacob, who began it all. This time, as carefully safe worded synopsis may imply, things are going all the way. It's fun to see how things have shaped up, in the beginning I hadn't implicitly intended for characters to become such a strongly recurring point between volumes, but inherent force of habit and want for solidarity wins out.

It works well in Making Jacob since there's already a precedence for what his identity "was", though the previous volume isn't strictly necessary to enjoy this one, it gives some root to just how and why things are changing, and identity is really key in the sort of fetishes this volume covers.

Beyond the gratuitous and demonic femdom delivered by two wicked women - one our returning succubus Kynthia, endowed with a cock of her own, stolen from Jacob, the other another familiar face in Elena, with voluptuous curves perfect for smothering him under - his being is going to be warped from what little remains of his male identity into a female, leaving him to struggle with resisting the newfound pleasures and what they make of him, now her. 

It's a very special sort of corruption and struggle against humiliation rather unique to MtF transformation and bodyswap fetishes that I really enjoyed getting a chance to work out in this demonic prison where anything and everything could happen.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.