Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Second Year Geared in the Rear

Two years...

It's really that time again already. A time to make Starcraft SCV puns of the title and wax lyrical about the history and future of everything that is my world of writing. First and foremost though, it's a time for me to celebrate the way I do, sat at my desk in the low-lit wonder of my evil abode complete with festively decorated floating brain casement.
That's how we roll.
Aw yeah. It's apparently also a time to accidentally scrape my arm with a nail, hm. Well don't say I never bleed for you.

So on a more serious note, I've been thinking about this post all day and, honestly, since January where I decided against doing a new years post. It's that time when everyone reminisces on the year gone by, so I say with the full intent of making it sound rather hipster so I can throw in more fun doodles.
For me, at least from a standpoint of "I should talk about everything that's happened and how awesome people are", the 'new year' really starts on March 1st, but I wouldn't expect you to have heard of the Leona New Year, it's a very obsc-okay, I'll stop.

But yes, this is the day when I took that first full step into publishing. Now here's the part where I argue with the multitude of characters and hats inside my head, since to be fair I did start having a look at writing daily for a purpose in January, and the whole concept was brought to light in December when I was really in a low spot in life.

From there, the pieces all fell into place like the sort of thing people look back on and call fate and destiny because it's more romantic that way and all in all was just a sequence of events that wouldn't have felt the same any other way. Now, would they have happened at all? Most likely yes, but the combination of causes and effects is one reason to not hold so strongly to regrets and the past -- for better or worse, everything that we are shapes everything that we become.

For me, that meant picking up a new way of life that had been a part of my life since childhood... wait, writing, the erotic disposition was something very adolescent and beyond. There's no dark past here, only dark humour. I'm still not very good at talking like this, huh.

So perhaps I could write something in the New Years, but March 1st was the day it really became a real, official name in Author highlights thing, and when I first appeared on the scene. I still have my 2013 calendar laying around with the first few books and sales marked on it. I still remember back then when a new sale would prompt loading the celebratory M. Bison clip.

Two years later and the more things change, the more they stay the same. Most importantly; I'm still here, and still ecstatic over the show of support and success that's come with it. I make a point of this in the Author Note of every book but really none of it would be possible without such a wealth of awesome readers out there who take an interest in what I do. I know not everyone finds success or happiness in their writing, but I really do in thanks to the people it reaches. There's not a day I'm not thankful for every one of you changing the life I have to what it is now. It's for sharing in that love and passion that I'm still here.

Thank you.

So on the coat-tails of being heartwarming, I should talk some about what's happened during this past year and what's happening going forward. It's been an interesting year full of ups and downs, of constant experiments and iterations. One reason for the tangent on time is exactly because of those experiments and diversions, and whether any were great ideas or wholly efficient.

At the end of the day, has it been good? Has it been for the best? Could it have been better? Answers to reflections are very transient things that can't be held down for weight on their own. What's done is done and all you can do in life is take the hits and keep moving forward. That's how I'm still here, and that's how I'm going to keep moving forward. It may not be perfect, it may not keep everyone running alongside, but it's how I've walked this path and where I go with it is on my own shoulders.
The very first cover.

So the important thing to take from any reflective answer is painting a picture of just how I'm going to be moving forward with the lessons learned. To start with, I'll admit I still have a lot of ends to tie up. So before really starting anything new, I'm going to be tying those up. This includes Huntsman, Lusty Maid, Shoes of Glass, Hide, and to some extents my big flagship in Daemonique. When I start something, it will be seen through to the end.

Daemonique is where it all really started and serves as a sort of core for my fantasy world that's constantly expanding and changing. I have flash cards and books going on two years old full of notes and lofty musings about how big it could be, and I've never lost any of that scope and scale for intensity.

The fine details change a lot -- even my recent Huntsman volume was near wholly different from the original concepts I had for that installment -- but the end goals, the backing lore, language and visions remain. Being able to create those is really what makes this special.

Going forward from here is going to be stronger, bigger and better. I'm past the crushing weights of doubts and fears, the dragging and gnawing that I touched on in the previous year's post. I still may not be very good with social media like twitter, but that's a beast of its own nature that clashes ideas of what I imagine people expect to see and what I would post being entirely different and potentially alienating things. I still don't know if I should really care to be drawing those lines in the sand at all.

Everything works itself out at its own pace, though, and the moral of all this is that two years in is still really just the start of this journey for me. Where I take it from here is something for us all to really sit back and see, but if it's anything like what I have in mind, it's going to be great.

Best of all, two years from now, I'll still be here, building, expanding, binding and perfecting it all. Here's to you, who makes it possible, and here's to moving forward with everything learned. Thank you for making a great first two years, and ensuring there can be many more to come.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Huntsman II: Queen

What began as a night of rest between secret lovers is quickly turning to chaos. While the great hounds of the wild are restless and out for blood, fighting them off will prove to be the least of the Huntsman’s worries.

The widowed Queen Olvang has received word of the affair with her daughter, and offers but one chance for freedom for the Huntsman. Come to her chambers instead, and learn of a true woman’s prowess and dominance over her subjects. Yet unbeknownst to all, this turn of events has all been to Princess Katalyne’s design. As her plan unfolds within the castle walls, very little will remain as it seems.

What lays beyond is a gamble of faith with the future of the Olvang kingdom on the line.

I tell you what, looking at it now, this synopsis is a little longer than usual. I don't think that's really a bad thing, maybe I'll trim a bit off later, but this has certainly been one of those stories that just wasn't so easy to lay out. Sections of it have been in my mind since the original inception of the Huntsman series, and I know where it's going, but it's how you get there that really matters.

It's a bit difficult to talk about without really spoiling much but suffice to say it brings together a bunch of plots and characters that may not even be immediately obvious. Some of them are seemingly innocent occlusions from between series, even. The hows and wheres of some supporting cast machinations are handled in the sister series, The Lusty Dark Elven Maid, while the "plots above a maid's station to worry about" are squarely the scene set in Huntsman. 

It's not to say you'll miss out if you don't read both series, I'm just perhaps excessively happy and proud of the dual-lined story I have going on. It also lets me run different gears of sexual intensity while still in the same developing story scene.

So, with that said, the second volume of Huntsman rolls in. With this volume, we get a little look into Princess Katalyne's past, the odd circumstances they met under and more notes of things such as how the Northlands society is run and just how harsh and dark a land it is. From there it moves back into Castle Olvang and introducing the Princesses Mother and Queen, who has her own thoughts and restrictions on matters with a whole Kingdom on her shoulders.

The one out for freedom she gives the Huntsman on learning just what he's been doing is the real central point of the story's erotic edge, and one I had a bit of trouble with. While you may say orders are orders, I wasn't really 100% on having the Huntsman sleep with them both. I mean "Like Mother like Daughter" would have been a funny line to slip in, but it left too much a feel of cheating. 

So, if nothing else I can assure you that doesn't happen. I had a number of options on hand to redirect it away from that, and while strange, I like the way it's unfolded the best. It's always something that's easy to forget about fiction that so long as you can make it a believable concept, you can absolutely write magical and fictitious things.

And that's one reason I write fantasy, you can write things on such a grand and mythical scale that would never be possible otherwise. If that's not some of the magic and charm of writing fiction, then I don't know what is.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Umbral Coil Chronicles I: Dusk

Exiled to the harsh wastes of the Zo’qeth desert by its mythical monarch Kassopeia – avatar of the Heavens given life to rule – two men will find comradery in one another that lasts into the deadly night, whence terrors stalk the sky.

Yet just as the sun sets each day, this is not the end of their tale, but a beginning to the night, of wandering another world where carnal encounters are not exempt as method of payment. What begins as the day of exile is but the first steps on a much longer journey than either could ever have imagined.

This is but the dusk to a perfect night.

[Amazon | UK]

News of my demise is greatly exaggerated. 

Now, I'll be the first to admit I've been really out of it the past months. It hasn't been the best of times - nothing too extreme like a death in the family or anything, but personally I haven't been in the best. Brief reminder that self-diagnosis is rarely a good idea. It wasn't lupus, and I wouldn't call it narcolepsy either, but it was sure something. I'm inclined to blame the winter cold coupled with the boiler trying to destroy itself again doing nothing to help matters.

That said, the support I've recieved throughout is really what keeps things going. It's said that it's not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep going forward. I'm the only one that's really taken a hit from this whole ordeal, and I'm the one that's taking it and moving forward for the sake of all the awesome people who really make it possible.

So enough about me. Dusk, the first volume of the Umbral Coil Chronicles is a new storyline set in the monstrous deserts of Zo'qeth. While you might know the name from Deity of the Desert and Goddess of Sands, this is set in a different time period and locale to those. There's a lot I really want to say about it but can't since that really spoils how it ties in with other books and my vision of this world and its vast desert kingdom.

What I can say is that this is the first in a little experiment of mine with Kindle Unlimited - Amazon's relatively new look into 'subscription service'. So I think to myself, okay, normalising prices and royalty to a subscription service. Subscriptions tend to imply a constant beat of content, and it struck me that that's largely what I, and likely many others, aim to do with serial volume releases. You get that constant beat of what you could call premium subscription content 

So, with the majority of my audience congregating and utilising the Amazon storefront for its sheer force of content, search engine and rank quality, why don't I try to work with this new system and create a sort of subscription content in part for people with Kindle Unlimited. That's what I'm aiming for with the Umbral Coil Chronicles. To people without, it's available all the same as any other publication, if limited to Amazon, and down the road I'll be releasing the novel format of all volumes at a reduced cumulative price that tells the entire story. It may not all happen as fast as it could but I have several great stories to tie up first before I can really get into it - this is a sort of pilot run.

That said, this first volume is a lot about setting the stage and introducing some of the characters that will really make up this story, including the Pharaoh Kassopeia, said to be an avatar of the gods. It begins with an exile into expected death, but sometimes things don't work out how you expect, and sometimes, even in the underworld, things can take a wholly erotic turn.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid II: Maid to Serve

Milenna Nightwhisper, the dark elven maid in a castle shrouded in darkness and intrigue alike, has no mind for the plots of nobility. Hers is a simple life of service, with simple desires that in time give way to greater urges. Having been confronted by a strange being that can mimic her appearance and allow her to disappear once her innocuous price is paid, Milenna is about to be sent on to fulfilling that desire. 

Down a winding secret passage between the walls of Castle Olvang, presenting herself to a crowd of men three times that of the nobility she is accustomed to, each and every one of the lusty maid's abilities are about to be put to the test in exactly the service she has longed to give.

There's a lot of things it's high time I get back into, and the Lusty Argonian Elven Maid is certainly one. Deciding when and what to do things is very much feeling around in the dark, but dark elves especially can see pretty well there and will eventually find their way along.

It actually still strikes me as funny how in what's essentially an intense gangbang of every hole with a seemingly endless crowd, just how much subtle life and back story comes to life along the way, just through the characters and races living at all. It may not be immediately obvious, but it's something I'm aware of as I went along, so it really helps build on things for the future.

One thing that the Lusty Elven Maid also does is run as a parallel to Huntsman, the next installment of coming soon. What it's allowing me to do is create a separate theme and style, but entwine their stories to a greater whole for those interested in both the more simple, straightforward hardcore erotic encounters Milenna goes through and the more heroic and romantic endeavours of the noblemen, knights and even Princess and Queen above them in Huntsman. 

The way they tie together isn't hugely important, so you won't be missing out on some big plot point, it just kind of fills in the little gaps of like where the doppel got the uniform from and what her place in the plots are, or in the next installment, how the situation has developed into where Milenna is taken.

But that's talking a little far ahead. Right now I'm looking to chase up my loose ends and get stories locked down and finished. I've found my footings and know what I'm doing, so going from here things are going to be much more interesting and consistent.

For now though, an excerpt of what this dark elven maid is getting herself into.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soulflame III: The Invitation (Historic Lesbian Erotic Romance)

In the months following their audition to the stage, whilst change grips 17th century London, life for Annabel and Alice is good. Returning to privacy, the couple struggle to restrain the love of intimacy shared behind closed doors - until knocks come to those doors. 

Invited to a party of sorts in thanks for their audition, the young women will find themselves invited to the beginnings of an age of influence can be felt to this day, all the while secluding and enjoying the simple love and life that they share in the grand city of London.

I'll be the first to admit time has slipped by for writing this feature, and it's funny how that works. What was once yesterday is now last month, what feels like a recent, fond memory was ten years ago. What was once someone's current day is now ancient history, and the truths of it lost to the annals of time.

The passage of time and its affect on the world in its own subtle ways is a fascinating thing. I saw a picture on twitter recently that really drove it home. Looking at it, I can remember a time with all those appliances, and still grasp to justify that they still exist now and are likely more proficient than the smartphone that's sitting on my desk with probably more relative processing power than the first, albeit already unstable, PC I owned.

And of course they are still around and still have their uses, but what makes it interesting is you can't really pin a specific point when this technology really came around to what it is and stuck. Unless of course you're that sort of technophile that can recall productive history but the point is as months turn to years and those years sneak on, little technical things sneak into life at such an easily accessible way that you don't really think much of it.

This isn't really a new phenomenon. Back in the 17th century and before, not everyone was literate and romance novels just didn't exist. There was poetry and playwright, but things only really started developing into what would later be known of as a novel in the late 1660s, where Soulflame is set.

A lot of things happened in London around this time period, and this volume moves the timeframe forward some months to accommodate that. It also expanded to a point of where I couldn't really just wrap up on this volume because there's so much going on. 

So to really enjoy the richness of the period, and given that Soulflame is as much a story of the city as the two women within it, this volume covers the formal invitation women received to finally join the stage in employ. In a similar vein to other historic retellings for entertainment, I've taken some liberties with character and place, because it just makes it feel better, and who knows how far from the truth it really was?

What was once their present day, where things were slowly, subtly changing around them, is now several centuries history left to imagination and fancy. That's what I've really wanted to capture with the Soulflame series, a sense of things so inherently similar, yet still so different and distant.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime (Futa, Slime Monster and Transformation, oh my!)

In the darkest reaches of the demonic prison that lays under Sarandin Isle, where demonic essence is at its greatest, the strangest of monsters can be found and formed. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, none would even suspect to imagine the existence of the demonic slime in those depths.

Captured and held in one such darkest corner, one noble woman who'd come seeking fame and tall tales will learn first hand of a story none would believe, for whence she touches the dark matter dripping through cracks in the wall, it takes on a life and lust of its own, intent on bringing her unimaginable pleasure. The well endowed succubus drawn to the commotion will only aid in the slimes animate desire to mimic and please Victoria in this tale of those confined to the demonic hold.

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime makes the point of that basic entry-level D&D monsters need love, too. It also let me do something rather different to usual, which is one of the charms to my Darkfallen series, that I wanted to come back to once more.

While one of the charms of the Darkfallen series is an ability to just drop in at any place and not really need to know the other stories in sequence to appreciate them, I did start this one off with a little consideration to padding up the surrounding story, so it begins with giving you a pretty simple glimpse into how this volume's 'protagonist' came to be a part of the demonic prison, and how others have been winding up there in their stead.

Essentially, those beyond Sarandin Isle don't even believe the threats there are as real as they are, and ride out in hunting parties together for potential of fame and glory, which everyone loves. At least the people that wind up as the human captives for lovely stories of demonic corruption and sexual happenings.

This is one such story! And it's a little different. This time, I wanted to play around with a Slime monster, because they're squishy and can change their body entirely, which makes them a lot of fun for filling holes to the limit with and generally doing stuff you could never do in any other way, such as a tongue turning into a throat-fucking phallic tentacle or a succubus' demonic cock popping from between one participant's lips while they're kissing the other, clamping them into the kiss so that they can't help but have their mouth filled with cum.

Slimes are just fun like that! So I got a little carried away enjoying how this one played out in writing. 

Similarly, while I'm not really trying to make Kynthia from previous volumes a centrally key character that recurs constantly, I got thinking while I wrote. The previous two volumes have had futa, so people who've enjoyed those would enjoy more of it in this, and I could work it in easily enough. Practically, she empowered the Slime monster into acting as quickly as it did, and why not? 

It might not always be a thing that I include futa, but I figured for a third installment of a series where it works, it works!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Boys Will Do Boys (Gay Male Menage)

When Daniel came to the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion in the company of his Mistress, he never anticipated the night leading him into the company of a pretty, effeminate boy and his more dashing partner. Due to a twist of circumstance that see him ushered into their company, that's exactly what's happening. Having already crossdressed to look the part, Daniel will spend the night with the couple as ‘Danielle’, earning a taste of an entirely different world of pleasure and submission. 

What began as sensual temptation, teasing and a question in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of pleasure only be shared between boys.

I'll start off by saying this one was a bit tough to write, and contributed to May being a pretty slow and dry month for me, so I apologise for not being around much! June is shaping up to change that, but this was the first real debilitating slump I've ever felt, hopefully the only one. Being stubborn isn't always the answer, but I got through it.

It's been planned since the beginning, along with every other side story in the Carnival series, and there's one more to come, but sometimes it's just plain difficult. That's kind of the charm behind it, though. It's difficult because what A Carnival of Phantasms has allowed me to do is to bridge characters that wouldn't normally interact or even be in the same universe, and drop them into some really unique sexual encounters. 

In this case, that proved more of a challenge than I'd anticipated since it was just so different for the new boy being introduced to them. There's not really a purely dominant figure between the three either, unlike how Jessica could direct the scenes from her position as the top perfectly in 'Tied up in Good Company'. That said, once things get going, it stops being a problem and moves into a pretty unique night.

So we have a man, an androgynous, feminine trap - both from the Femboy's Trap series - and a crossdressing boy who's never thought of doing something like this with other guys before, from Shoes of Glass, who usually has a Mistress that enjoys crossdressing and dominating him. Everything's been spun around tonight, and it makes for a fun night of easing him into the acts and pleasures that come with the sort of clothing he's decided to put on, including the more experienced pair teaming up on him from both sides at once.

Excerpt that also explains how I handle realising I've used the same name for characters that, at the time, were never going to clash and be an issue follows the pagebreak: